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weakness Sometimes I procrastinate
strength and I start working only when I need to.


Key Points

St. Louis, MO born & raised; I still live and love it here.

My practice focuses on race, equity, access, and many other societal factors that profoundly impact us as a collective. As a reserved and observant person, I spend most of my time in thought and analyzing various subjects. This practice of observance while listening to my intuition dramatically informs the way I create my art. My artwork is human-centered, and aimed toward our daily experiences, no matter how pleasant or rife. I am very interested in having teachable moments or producing artwork that requires the viewer to go within themselves and relate to an idea from a space or perspective that they have not experienced before. I want my artwork to draw me into a zone of vulnerability that attracts empathy and a greater sense of understanding.

I am interested in the genesis of social structures, ideas, and other hidden nuances and how they have molded the ways we navigate and operate in the modern world. I advocate for fairness and justice, and with my art practice, I contribute to this by targeting the audience that needs to pay attention to my message. I want the audience to place themselves in the center of my art with ease by creating a sense of relatedness and insight. 

When The Womb Is Tender
When The womb Is Tender is a project that involves the constant changes and hardships that many women experience with their reproductive system, specifically, uterine fibroids or UF. I am a sufferer myself with three surgeries in total to remove them, resulting in a total hysterectomy and the removal of my ovaries. Black and Latino women are disproportionately impacted by this medical diagnosis and there has been a lack of significant research to find any primary reasons. There have been speculations that it could be a genetic predisposition but without funding directed towards this, we are consistently ten steps behind a solution. Coupled with healthcare inequities, lack of financial resources to fund surgeries, and general support for these communities, uterine fibroids tend to go undiagnosed, threatening the livelihood of those impacted. 

I am seeking 10-15 people (women, transmen, non-gender conforming (but born with female reproductive organs) over the age of 18 with a history of uterine fibroids to document their stories. Each participant will be paid for their time. For more details and to contribute to funding this project, please click the Buy Me A Coffee button below.

I’d like to thank Shift Consulting and The Puffin Foundation for their support.

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