I Just Knew What To Do, video collage, trt49s, 2023

The top vertical view from the social media app Tik Tok was filled with comments acknowledging the similarity between a tribal African ritual and the Greek fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi’s Kane Twirling. I and others were seeing the Tik Tok video for the very first time but were not surprised that this is once again, a genetic heirloom recalled by way of DNA’s “muscle memory.” The two videos form a connection and provide consolation for many, especially American-born Black people, who struggle with not having a solid subconscious grounding to their native land and its customs.

The very bottom layer is a video from a HiHo Kids’ series (“Kids Try”) and the young girl’s remark was made after hearing that in America an estimated 25 million animals are slaughtered daily for food consumption. While not directly related to the overall subject, her word choice echoed my sentiments.

Black people are still learning about ourselves and our history.  As media makes it possible for us to see more of the world at any time, all that was intentionally taken and hidden from us continue to come to the surface. It can be shocking, saddening, and joyous. The truth comes to light but I cannot bask in it without a tinge of resentment for the country I call home.

All found video.
HiHo Kids Kids Try: Cafeteria Foods From Around the World
Tik Tok video via: malindy289
YouTube video via: Benjamin Robinson “The Kane Master - Kappa Alpha Psi”